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Bubble Land

Bubble Land

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Bubble Land

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This is a bubble about courage and wisdom to paradise. In fancy bubble "of the world, there are many cute dragons living in the shape of mushrooms cute dragons these lovely buildings: sweet pink dragon (50 unlock), intelligent Green Dragon (25 unlock) and powerful Blue Dragon. Unfortunately, they were trapped in some of the magic of bubbles. Well, to accomplish these tasks, you will save all these dragons!
Two challenges in this game: the classic story. Unlock bonus levels when you play, you may find that the level of clearance merchandise. Come play with me!
1. Adoption of the task you can save a specified number of bubbles within the requirements of dragons.
2. bubble "Before the door closed to save the kingdom dragons and finish the level specified number.
3. To unlock the magic dragon bubble just save the number and type of dragons specify.

How to play:
1. Start bubbles, eliminate foam in connecting three or more of the same color. More bubbles connection, get a higher score.
2. transparent bubbles can be eliminated, instead of the stone bubbles.
3. If you eliminate the occurrence of bubbles around the diamond, diamond bubbles change the color specified.
4. When the emitted bubbles shot, dinosaur eggs into a bubble is a bubble emission.
5. When launching Bubble Shooter, staining dye pen line designated color bubbles.

1. stain pen, rainbow bubble, bubble bomb, extension cords and skills dragons refreshing.
2. colorful, cute picture vision.
3. Simple rules, easy to start and lead the complexity of play.
4. Up to 100 so that you are very interesting.

Thank you for your support, we will do our best. If you have any suggestions or ideas do not hesitate to contact us.

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